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Saturday, February 28 2015 @ 07:31 PM EST

Fibreglas Update

Finishing Kit

I'm making good progress on the fibreglas, but there is still a depressing great deal of more to do on it.

All the empennage tips are done now, plus the empennage fairing. The upper and lower cowling are looking quite good, but there is still some work to do in the cooling air inlets to smooth out some rough spots. The second attempt at finishing the canopy skirt is looking much better than the first go, but there is still a lot to do there. Yesterday I started on the spinner and gear leg fairings, and today I put two coats of West Systems epoxy to seal the filler on the wing tips and wheel pants. I also put a layer of deck cloth over the Tinnerman washers that I had inserted in the wheel pants, as I was afraid that they would eventually come loose.

While working on the Engine Information System section of the POH, I realized that I should modify the format of one of the EIS pages. So today I dug back into the documentation to relearn how to configure the page formats. I updated the page format, and carefully recorded all the configuration and limits settings, so I have a good baseine.

Back to work tomorrow :(


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