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Tuesday, March 03 2015 @ 01:42 PM EST

Registration Marks

Finishing Kit

The biggest accomplishment this week was putting on the registration marks. As usual, it took about three times as long as expected, as I had to clean off some oversprayed primer where the fuselage skins overlapped. The inside of the skins are completely primed, but I also applied primer on the outer surface of the skins where another skin riveted on top.

Originally, I planned to keep the aircraft in the garage until none of the remaining tasks could be done in the garage, but that plan has changed. I need to submit a picture of the assembled aircraft with registration marks as part of the application for the Certificate of Registration. I understand that it can take many weeks to get the C of R back from Transport Canada, so I want to get the application in as soon as possible. Now that the registration marks are on, I want to get the aircraft moved to a hangar as soon as possible.

I need to find a flat bed trailer for the move to the hangar. I thought I had a line on a suitable one, but I looked at it on Friday, and the bed is too narrow. I could probably just get the aircraft on it, but the wheels would be on the very edges of the bed, and that makes it too easy to have a disaster.


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