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    Kevin Horton's RV-8 Project One Rivet At A Time    
 Welcome to Kevin Horton's RV-8 Project
 Sunday, November 23 2014 @ 05:40 AM EST

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United StatesWill Cretsinger's wing instructions  http://home.earthlink.net/~gilalex/wing_docs/wing_notes1.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...Will Cretsinger's RV-6 wing instructions are a useful supplement to Van's instructions. Not completely up to date with the latest RV-6 or RV-8 kits, but still worth the download. Courtesy of Gil Alexander....
Category: Wings  Hits Out: 720
Canadainverted fuel tank sender  http://www.kilohotel.com/rv8/rvlinks/fuel%20sender.gif  Site Reviews(0)
...Wire bending diagram for RV-8 inverted fuel tank sender. http://www.kilohotel.com/rv8/rvlinks/fuel%20sender.gif....
Category: Wings  Hits Out: 631
United StatesHeated Pitot Tube Hookup  http://bmnellis.com/WingSkinning3.htm#PitotTubeHardware  Site Reviews(0)
...Photos and part numbers showing how to connect a heated pitot tube to Ploy-Flo tubing. Courtesy of Mike Nellis....
Category: Wings  Hits Out: 802
United StatesWing Incidence Drilling - Simplified  http://www.vansairforce.net/pdf/WINGINCIDENCEDRILLINGSIMPLIFIED.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...This is apparently an updated part of the Construction Manual that Doug Reeves acquired and posted in the FAQ section of his site. It is a better description of the process of setting the wing incidence and sweep than the one that is in the Construction Manual....
Category: Wings  Hits Out: 546
United StatesHow to Diagnose and Fix a Heavy Wing  http://www.vansaircraft.com/pdf/Wing_Heavy.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...A detailed checklist of things to check if your RV has a heavy wing. From Vans Aircraft....
Category: Wings  Hits Out: 728
United StatesPat Tuckey's RV-8 Extended Fuel Tank Mod  http://www.napwars.com/RV-8HTML/Fuel.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...Extensive details of Pat Tuckey's extra capacity fuel tanks on his RV-8....
Category: Wings  Hits Out: 420
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