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    Kevin Horton's RV-8 Project One Rivet At A Time    
 Welcome to Kevin Horton's RV-8 Project
 Sunday, November 23 2014 @ 02:36 PM EST

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United StatesAeroelectric-List FAQs  http://www.aeroelectric.com/FAQ/AeroElectric-List/AeroElectric-List_FAQ.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...thanks to AeroElectric-List reader L. Holt. This rather large .pdf file contains a huge data base of questions and answers fielded on the AeroElectric-List . . . use the Acrobat Reader word search function to quickly root out answers to many of your questions....
Category: Electrical System  Hits Out: 903
United StatesAeroelectric Connection  http://www.aeroelectric.com/  Site Reviews(0)
...The Aeroelectric Connection is an excellent text book/how-to by Bob Nuckolls. Bob will also answer questions, and has a service that will produce a complete set of schematics, etc. If you just went to the RV-list Search Engine searched on Bob's name and read everything he has contributed to the list, you would be a lot smarter about electrics and failure tolerant design.

The web page has a lot of useful information.


Category: Electrical System  Hits Out: 4266
United StatesTerminal Town  http://terminaltown.com/  Site Reviews(0)
...Distributor of Aviation Mil Spec traceable solderless electrical connectors for experimental aircraft builders. Specializes in small quantity orders. Used to be called AAMR/AirCore.The web page also has How To information....
Category: Electrical System  Hits Out: 833
United StatesModified Mazda Alternator  http://home.earthlink.net/~timrv6a/alternator.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...Info on how to modify a Mazda 323 alternator to use an external regulator. By Tim Lewis....
Category: Electrical System  Hits Out: 781
United StatesRV-8 Flap Limit Switch  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SEFlaRVbuilders/files/Controls%20%26%20Control%20Surfaces/Control%  Site Reviews(0)
...Photos and description of flap limit switch installation on Danny King's award winning RV-8. Courtesy of SE Florida Builders Group.

Note: There is a wealth of good info in the Files section - worth a look....
Category: Electrical System  Hits Out: 635

United StatesJim Weir's Kitplanes articles  http://www.rst-engr.com/kitplanes/index.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...Addenda to many of Jim Weir's articles in Kitplane Magazine....
Category: Electrical System  Hits Out: 1585
United StatesElectrical system pictures - Andy Karmy's RV9A  http://www.karmy.com/rv9a/pictures/fuselage/electrical/index.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...Lots of close-up pictures of the very nice electrical system installation on Andy Karmy's RV9A....
Category: Electrical System  Hits Out: 8248
United StatesSteinAir On-Line Store - Electrical Items  http://www.steinair.com/store.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...RV builder Stein Bruch wanted good deals on electrical supplies, so he started his own on-line store. The prices appear attractive....
Category: Electrical System  Hits Out: 907
United StatesElectrical System Diagrams - Bill VonDane  http://www.rv8a.com/wiring/dwg/rev6/n8wv_wire_r6.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...Electrical system diagram and installation photos for a night VFR RV-8A. Also available in Visio and html formats from the links on the left side of Bill 's main page....
Category: Electrical System  Hits Out: 889
United StatesBattery box for Odyssey PC625 Battery  http://www.rvwoody.com/battbox.html  Site Reviews(1)
...Todd Rudberg sells a battery box for the Odyssey PC625 battery....
Category: Electrical System  Hits Out: 7899
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