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    Kevin Horton's RV-8 Project One Rivet At A Time    
 Welcome to Kevin Horton's RV-8 Project
 Sunday, November 23 2014 @ 07:47 PM EST

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United StatesThe Panel Pilot  http://members.aol.com/PANELCUT/  Site Reviews(0)
...Steve Davis does custom engraved and machined instrument panels....
Category: Other  Hits Out: 501
United StatesSystems Notes  http://www.mstewart.net/Downloads/acraftsystemsdesign.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...Systems design considerations by Gary VanRemortel. Excellent notes on most systems.

Note : This link is a pdf file, and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is also available as a MicroSoft Word file....
Category: Other  Hits Out: 963

United StatesExperimental Panel Builder  http://www.epanelbuilder.com/  Site Reviews(0)
...Online tool to design instrument panel layouts for various homebuilt aircraft. Java based. You cannot save a layout and come back to it later. If you want to print, you have to do a print screen (Mac users, press "shift, Command, 3" to save a graphic on your hard drive)....
Category: Other  Hits Out: 796
United StatesFiberglass Tutorial - Jim Andrews  http://rv8a.tripod.com/fiberglass.html  Site Reviews(0)
...Jim Andrews had a Long EZ builder teach him how to do fiberglass (or fibreglas if you prefer). This tutorial provides materials lists and instructions on how to deal with fiberglass....
Category: Other  Hits Out: 778
United StatesCustom RV-8/8A Instrument Panel  http://www.rvwoody.com/  Site Reviews(0)
...Todd Rudberg sells a custom instrument optimized to put the avionics stack on the left, flight instruments in the centre and engine instruments on the right....
Category: Other  Hits Out: 806
United StatesFuel Pump and Filter Mount - RV-8/8A  http://www.rvwoody.com/fuelpump.html  Site Reviews(0)
...Todd Rudberg sells a mount designed to hold an Airflow Performance fuel pump and filter. This allows both items to fit on the left front cockpit floor, beside the rudder pedals....
Category: Other  Hits Out: 755
United StatesDJM Mfg. Throttle Quadrants  http://www.djmmfg.com/index.html  Site Reviews(0)
...Very nice looking throttle quadrant for various RV models. The RV-8 version can be purchased direct from Vans....
Category: Other  Hits Out: 597
United StatesAileron control rod boot pattern - RV-6  http://home.hiwaay.net/~sbuc/journal/boot_drawing.html  Site Reviews(0)
...Pattern to make fabric boot to keep air from coming from the wing root area into the cockpit. For RV-6/6A, but the design can be modified to fit other models. Installation description and photos about half way down the cold weather page on Sam Buchanan's web site....
Category: Other  Hits Out: 682
United StatesRV-8 Gear Leg and Wheel Pant Fairings - Fairings-Etc  http://www.fairings-etc.com/gear%20leg,%20wheel%20pant,%20nose%20gear.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...Fairings-Etc sells aftermarket fairings for most RV models. Now they have some for the RV-8....
Category: Other  Hits Out: 749
United StatesRV-8 Rudder Pedal Extensions  http://www.romeolima.com/RV8/IdeasProducts.htm#IDEA:%20Rudder%20Pedal%20Extensions  Site Reviews(0)
...The RV-8 rudder pedal geometry is such that a some amount of brake will always be applied when the rudder is applied, even if the foot is deliberately placed on the bottom of the rudder pedal. Randy Lervold describes a mod that extends the foot rest part of the pedals lower to solve this problem....
Category: Other  Hits Out: 689
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