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 Monday, November 24 2014 @ 07:00 AM EST

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United StatesPitot-Static Instrument Calibration  http://www.eaa1000.av.org/technicl/instcal/instcal.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...How to check instrument errors in your airspeed indicator and altimeter without any expensive calibration equipment. Also leak-check your Pitot-static system. From EAA Chapter 1000. You will probably also want this zipped Excel spreadsheet, which converts between water manometer height and calibrated airspeed....
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 2294
CanadaCAS vs pressure  http://www.kilohotel.com/rv8/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=2  Site Reviews(0)
...Zipped Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets to convert back and forth between calibrated airspeed and the pressure inputs to the airspeed indicator. Useful if you want to calibrate your airspeed indicator using something other than a water manometer. If you want to use a water manometer, see "CAS vs Water Manometer height" lower on the page. By Kevin Horton....
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 1248
CanadaDetermining static system error  http://www.kilohotel.com/rv8/rvlinks/ssec.html  Site Reviews(0)
...How to determine the errors in your static system. Notes and an Excel spreadsheet. By Kevin Horton.Updated on 23 Jan 99....
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 3059
United StatesAccuracy of airspeed measurements and flight calibration procedures  http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19930090948_1993090948.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...NACA Report 919, 1948. A useful summary of the expected error sources and accuracies of pitot and static sources. This link has links to each of the 37 pages as GIF files, or to a PDF with the entire report (3 Mb!)...
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 1330
CanadaSummary of test methods  http://web.ionsys.com/~pchapman/zdc/TAS%20flight%20test.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...A useful summary of many of the different methods of testing pitot-static systems. By Peter Chapman....
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 1383
United StatesThe Airspeed Indicator - Theory  http://web.usna.navy.mil/~dfr/flying/airspeed_wide.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...Discusses the theory behind the operation of the airspeed indicator. By Dr. David F. Rogers. Originally published in the World Bonanza Society newsletter. (66k pdf file)...
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 1772
CanadaCAS vs Water Manometer Height  http://www.kilohotel.com/rv8/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=3  Site Reviews(1)
...Zipped Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets that calculates airspeed indicator reading vs water manometer height. ASI reading may be in mph, kt or km/h. Water manometer height may be in inches or mm. By Kevin Horton....
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 1413
United StatesHow to make and use a water manometer  http://www.iflyez.com/manometer.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...Useful instructions and pictures on how to make a water manometer. Includes a printable scale that shows inches of water and ASI reading in knots....
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 1371
United StatesASI Calibration - Kitplanes Article  http://www.rst-engr.com/rst/articles/KP89JUL.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...Article by Jim Weir in the July 1989 Kitplanes. Jim describes how to fabricate and use a water manometer to measure airspeed indicator instrument error....
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 1244
United StatesMeasurement of Aircraft Speed and Altitude - NASA Reference Report 1046  http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19800015804_1980015804.pdf  Site Reviews(1)
...Comprehensive NASA Reference on measurement of aircraft speed and altitude. Very large document! 14 Mb PDF....
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 895
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