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    Kevin Horton's RV-8 Project One Rivet At A Time    
 Welcome to Kevin Horton's RV-8 Project
 Tuesday, September 30 2014 @ 01:54 AM EDT

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CanadaFlight Test Checklist  http://www.reach.net/%7Ejavifix/  Site Reviews(0)
...book by Jerry Milek, an ex-Czech fighter pilot now living in Canada. I haven't seen it, but it has been recommended to me by two people....
Category: Test Plans  Hits Out: 1765
United StatesThe Airspeed Indicator - Theory  http://web.usna.navy.mil/~dfr/flying/airspeed_wide.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...Discusses the theory behind the operation of the airspeed indicator. By Dr. David F. Rogers. Originally published in the World Bonanza Society newsletter. (66k pdf file)...
Category: Pitot-Static System Calibration  Hits Out: 1754
CanadaThe First Flight of Your Aircraft  http://www.zenithair.com/kit-data/ht-86-5.html  Site Reviews(1)
...by Chris Heintz, designer of the Zenith series of aircraft....
Category: First Flight Info  Hits Out: 1753
United StatesMike Nellis' RV-6 Project  http://bmnellis.com/  Site Reviews(0)
...Mike is building an RV-6, and has a very interesting web site. The Tips, Tricks and Ideas section is especially worth a look....
Category: Top Builder Sites  Hits Out: 1714
United StatesRV Aircraft Journal  http://home.hiwaay.net/~sbuc/journal/  Site Reviews(0)
...By Sam Buchanan. An excellent collection of tips, hints, product reviews, pictures, etc....
Category: Top Builder Sites  Hits Out: 1696
United StatesRon Wanttaja's Sea and Sky Aviation Page  http://www.wanttaja.com/avlinks/index.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...Very large list of links of interest to homebuilt aircraft builders. Definitely worth the visit....
Category: General Info - All Homebuilts  Hits Out: 1691
CanadaIO-360-A Cruise Power Chart  http://www.kilohotel.com/rv8/rvlinks/IO360Apwr_chart.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...Power chart with rpm and manifold pressure combinations for 75%, 65% and 55% power for the Lycoming IO-360-A series engines. Also has fuel flows for best power and best economy....
Category: Engine  Hits Out: 1677
United StatesPOH and Checklists - Mitch Faatz  http://www.aftershock.org/rv_builders_resources.htm  Site Reviews(0)
...Several RV Pilot Operating Handbooks and checklists collected by Mitch Faatz....
Category: POHs and Checklists  Hits Out: 1651
United StatesReview of Drag Cleanup Tests in Langley Full-Scale Tunnel  http://library-dspace.larc.nasa.gov/dspace/jsp/bitstream/2002/13859/1/NASA-76-tnd8206.pdf  Site Reviews(0)
...NASA TN D-8206, Review of Drag Cleanup Tests in Langley Full-Scale Tunnel (From 1935 to 1945) Applicable to Current General Aviation Airplanes, June 1976, 99 page pdf file (very large file - 18MB). This report summarizes a lot of drag measurement and reduction research that was done in the WWII period. The intent was to present info from declassified and little known reports so that the lessons could be applied to general aviation aircraft....
Category: Performance Improvement  Hits Out: 1611
United StatesAndy Karmy's Flight Test Cards  http://www.karmy.com/rv9a/reference/N169AK_Flight_Test_Cards.doc  Site Reviews(0)
...MS Word document containing the flight test cards used by Andy Karmy during the flight testing of his RV-9A....
Category: Test Plans  Hits Out: 1585
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