AeroCalc 0.11

AeroCalc is a pure python package that performs various aeronautical engineering calculations. Currently, it contains the following main modules:

airspeed Airspeed conversions and calculations. Contains functions that provide conversions between CAS, EAS, TAS and Mach number. Also provides functions that convert between pitot and static pressures and CAS, EAS, TAS and Mach. And, provides functions that convert between Mach number and TAS and ram temperature rise. And finally, it provides an interactive mode when run directly, e.g. 'python'.
default_units Defines the default units that are used by the other modules.
ssec Currently contains functions to calculate true airspeed given GPS ground speed and track data from multiple runs on various tracks. Will eventually also contain various calculations related to static source error correction.
std_atm Contains a description of the 1976 International Standard Atmosphere up to 84.852 km (278,386 ft) altitude. Provides functions that convert between pressure altitude and pressure, density, temperature, pressure ratio, density ratio and temperature ratio. Calculates density altitude, including correction for humidity.
unit_conversion Converts between commonly used units for length, area, volume, pressure, density, temperature, force, power, speed, weight and aviation gasoline quantity.



By Kevin Horton, Ottawa, Canada.