We’re at the end of the colourful fall leaves season. The leaves in this area are mostly on the ground, but I noted when driving back from Montreal on Thursday that there were still many leaves left in Quebec. Terry and I hoped to fly to Trois-Rivières for lunch today, but we had a cold front go through, and the winds were gusting to 30 kt in that area this morning. There was also much more low cloud up there than expected, which meant that we wouldn’t get to see many of the leaves. Lunch plans - cancelled.

I went flying anyway, as it was a nice day in this area, but windy. Terry wouldn’t enjoy getting bounced around in the bumps, so I went solo. I headed east from Smiths Falls, at 2000 ft, below a broken layer of cloud, and went counter clockwise around Ottawa. There were still a few red leaves hanging on in Gatineau Park, north of Ottawa. This will be the last fall leave viewing flight, as the high winds will certainly put many of the remaining ones on the ground.