The weather last weekend was not great, so I didn’t get flying. But today was quite nice, so I took full advantage.

When I was cleaning the bugs off after the flight, I noted a bit of oil on the belly. I’ll have to pull the cowlings again to check to see if I have an oil leak.

When I was under the belly cleaning off the little bit of oil, I saw a line of blue fuel dye going back along the bottom wing skin from the inboard end of the right fuel tank. The dye stain came off easily, so I suspect it was probably from today’s flight. I had noted signs of a tiny fuel leak in early 2013, and had been watching this area. It looked like it had stopped for a long time, then a few months ago I started seeing hints of blue dye if I removed the intersection fairing so I could see the end of the fuel tank. But now I can see it on the wing itself, so it must be getting worse. I’ll have to pull the tank off soon so I can deal with it. Drat.