I also made some progress on the exhaust system today.

I had noted when I was last at the hangar that the ball joints on the pipes from cylinders 2 and 4 were touching. This was obviously not correct, and I feared that perhaps I would have to ship the exhaust system back to Vetterman exhaust for an adjustment.

I called Clint at Vetterman while I was at the hangar, and he gave me the info I needed to solve the problem. The holes on the flanges that bolt to the cylinders are slightly larger than the studs. Thus it is possible to rotate the pipes slightly before they are torqued in place. I loosened the nuts, replaced the lock washers, rotated the #4 pipe outboard, and the #2 pipe inboard, then retorqued the nuts. Now I have more than adequate clearance between the ball joints, and the #2 and #4 tail pipes are parallel, whereas before they were close together at the ball joints, then spread apart at the outlet.

I forgot my camera, so I didn’t get a shot after tweaking things today.

Update 11 Jan 2014 - Here is a shot showing the clearance at the ball joints after loosening the pipes at the cylinder, rotating, and torquing them.