We’ve decided to cancel our plans to fly to Sun ’n Fun this year. My work schedule has evolved, and now I must head on the road the week after SNF. This winter has really dragged on, and the weather many days would not be suitable to fly back home due to too much cloud. In the summer, I’m happy to fly IFR in the cloud, but that isn’t an option if the temperature at altitude is below freezing, as there is a risk of airframe icing. If I didn’t have the hard requirement to get home in time to head on the road again I’d be happy to take the risk of getting stuck somewhere for a few days waiting for the weather to improve. But, if I absolutely have to get home, I’d have to abandon the aircraft somewhere and find another way home.

We’ve decided to avoid these issues by cancelling the trip. We’ll save SNF for years when I have more flexibility on the return schedule.