After we decided to cancel the planned Sun ’n Fun trip, we decided we should do something that week, as we had both booked it off work. Terry had wanted to go to Las Vegas for years, so we decided to do that instead. We got some cheap tickets, and spent five nights there. The weather was very nice, and we had a good week, but it was great to get home late Friday night.

Today the weather was perfect, so I did a short flight. It was wonderful to see that the snow is melting, with many areas of bare ground. And I didn’t have to clear any snow from in front of the hangar! Hallelujah!

I kept an eye on the weather for the cancelled trip to SNF and back. The weather for the flight down on Monday would have worked out - clear skies, with a strong tailwind. It would have been pretty bumpy over the Appalachians, but we would have made great time. However, the weather for the trip home on Friday would have been a huge problem. There was a very strong low pressure area over New York state and southern Ontario, with solid cloud and cool temperatures. There would very likely have been icing in the cloud if we flew IFR. It might have been possible to get back VFR, under the cloud at 1000 ft, or lower, but scud-running like that runs a significant risk of an accident. Saturday wasn’t any better for the return, as there was still significant low cloud in the Ottawa area. Sunday was good on the north end of the trip, but there was a significant frontal system with thunderstorms to deal with on the southern half. It would have been necessary to come part way home on Saturday, and finish the trip on Sunday. Overall, I’m glad we cancelled.