The PMag installation took quite a bit longer than I hoped, largely due to poor access to some of the areas I was working in. It was a real pain running the wires to the aft end of the switch console in the cockpit so I could have the CB in a logical location. Access was poor to the mag area on the back of the engine - there were many times when I could only get one hand on a task when it would have been 10 times faster if I could have used both hands.

I finished the installation late Saturday afternoon. I had hoped to do an engine run on Saturday, but I was pretty beat by the time I finished, and I knew that I should do a good final inspection first, and I was too exhausted to do a proper job. Sunday morning I did the inspection, then a short engine run to check the ignition system. The ignition worked well, but the rpm indication on the engine monitor was screwed up - it was reading zero at low rpm, and twice the correct value at higher rpm. This was an easy fix - I changed the engine monitor number of pulses/revolution setting from 1 to 2, and the sensitivity from low to high.

I looked for oil leaks after the engine run, then installed the cowling and went flying. The ignition worked perfectly, but I noted quite a bit of oil on the bottom of the aircraft after landing. I pulled the cowling again, but there was so much oil on the back of the engine that couldn’t nail down where it was coming from. The area around the PMag seemed dry, so I don’t think it was the source. I checked torque on all the bolts, nuts and hoses on the back of the engine, but didn’t find any obvious loose items. I was able to turn three oil hose connections slightly, but I don’t think either of them was loose enough to cause such a large leak.

I also need to redo the manifold pressure plumbing for the PMag. I couldn’t find one of the fittings I would have preferred to use, so I did a temporary jury-rig job. I think I have found a source for the needed fitting on Monday via another RV aircraft owner.

I’m searching for a UV light bulb, as apparently aviation oil shows up well in UV light. I’ll confirm the UV light shows the oil, then clean the engine, and confirm it is clean under UV light. Then I’ll do short engine run and check again.