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While at Oshkosh, shortly after we landed, a golf cart with EAA Press folks rolled up. They aircraft had caught their eye as we were taxiing in, and they asked if I’d be interested in doing an air-to-air photo flight sometime during the week. I quickly agreed, and we did that flight a few days later.

The photo guys were flying morning and afternoon every day, with several subject aircraft each time, and they took 500 to 1000 shots of each aircraft. I knew it would take them quite a while to sort through all the shots, so I wasn’t surprised when it took almost two months before I saw the first results of this flight.

Today an alert RV–4 owner alerted me to the October 2014 EAA Desktop Wallpaper, which was a beautiful shot of our RV–8.

Other sizes can be downloaded for the next few weeks from the EAA site.

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  • It is now my desktop at work :-) What awesome picture.

    RV-8 80965

  • It's my desktop as well, that is one awesome looking RV8!

    I still haven't settled on a paint scheme for mine yet, it will be hard to find one that even comes close to yours...


  • In the local area, we've got aircraft with the following paint schemes:

    • Golden Hawks,[/*]
    • Goldilocks,[/*]
    • Golden Centennaires, and[/*]
    • Snowbirds.[/*]

    We're missing an RCAF [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Knight_%28aircraft%29]Red Knight[/url] ([url=https://www.google.com/search?q=RCAF+Red+Knight]images[/url]).

    Kevin Horton

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  • Hi Kevin,
    Given that I managed the entire T-33 fleet during 1988 while I was still an Aere Officer at NDHQ does give me a non-trivial connection with the T-bird. I recall that the red fluorescent paint used on the target towing version's wing and tail tips did not weather well. In order to delay corrosion and to keep the aircraft flying until retirement in 2005 or so, I initiated getting the fleet painted in its final grey on grey camouflage paint scheme. On the target towing versions, the intent was to give them fluorescent paint on the removable tip tanks and a strobe.

    While I find the fluorescent red a bit much, Chantale would really like a red airplane... Perhaps a deep firetruck red could be substituted.

    In short, you've got me thinking about it...


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