Winter definitely arrived last week, with several days of snow, with roughly 20 cm of total snow fall. I headed out to the hangar Saturday AM to get the snow blower going and clear the snow. I had started it about three weeks ago, to make sure that it had survived its summer of hibernation - that first start was a definite struggle, so I wasn’t sure what to expect this time. I got lucky - it started right up. It took about an hour to blow the snow off the entry to the hangar, chip a few big ice ridges from where the airport snow plow had turned around, and clean up with a shovel.

The ceiling was low when I arrived at the airport, but it had cleared out nicely by the time I was done clearing snow, so I rewarded myself by going flying.

Many of the lakes have frozen over, but the ice is still way too thin for any intrepid ice fishermen to set up camp.


Some other lakes have quite a bit of water flowing through them, as they are part of the Rideau River system, so they haven’t frozen over yet.