I had difficulties uploading items to the web site for a few days, but Arvixe got that sorted out today. So, here is the details of the time at Oshkosh.

This year’s EAA Fly-In at Oshkosh had probably the best weather I have ever had in any of my 20 or so visits since the early 90’s. It was warm, but not too hot and muggy, and it cooled off nicely at night so sleeping in a tent wasn’t a miserable, sweaty experience. There were no thunderstorms the whole time we were there (there was a nasty one early Saturday morning, two days before the show started). No rain. No mud. There was enough breeze in the evenings to keep the mosquitos at bay, except for Wednesday evening, which was the night air show.

Portable shower trailer in Homebuilt CampingHomeBuilt Camping finally got a much needed upgrade to the shower facilities. They brought in two semi-trailer size portable shower units, each with 12 shower individual showers.


Individual shower stall with change area by doorEach shower room had a change area, and a shower area.


Tom Martin's F-1 EVO Rocket - Race Number 109We were camped next to Tom Martin’s smoking fast F–1 EVO Rocket. Tom has spent hundreds of hours making aerodynamic cleanup mods to improve his performance in the Sport Air Racing League. It was very instructive to study the various mods he has done to his aircraft.


Sunrise in Homebuilt CampingSleeping in a tent probably means you wake up as soon as the day starts to break. Wednesday AM, I peeked out of the tent to see the start of a lovely sunrise, so I quickly got dressed and put the camera on the tripod, hoping to get a good shot.


Jurca MJ-100 100% scale Spitfire replica with 1300 hp Allison V-1710 engineThe nose of this “Spitfire” looked slightly off to me, so I took a closer look. I was very surprised to see no rivets. It is a 100% scale, Jurca MJ–100 Spitfire replica, with a 1300 hp Allison V–1710. This gorgeous aircraft won a bronze Lindy award for outstanding plans-built aircraft.


Canadian Warplane Heritage LancasterThe afternoon airshow has a different lineup every day. Thursday had a heavier focus on warbirds, so I made a point of getting a front row spot to watch. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Lancaster looked great.


Military Aviation Museum DH MosquitoThe Military Aviation Museum’s Mosquito sounded fabulous.


T-6 Texans in tight formationThe 20 T–6 Texans (aka Harvard) pilots had obviously spent quite a bit of time practicing their formation flying, as all five four-ship sections looked very sharp.