I talked to Aerosport Power on Friday about my engine issue. They gave me three different quotes to get me a healthy engine again:

  1. repair the engine, with the original configuration tappet and cam
  2. repair the engine, modify it for roller tappets and cam,
  3. trade the engine in on a new engine with roller tappets and cam.

Option 3 is much, much more expensive than options 1 & 2. The difference in cost between options 1 & 2 is small enough that it seems like the best plan is to convert the engine to the roller tappets and cam.

Removing the propI spent most of the weekend at the hangar, removing all the things connecting the engine to the airframe, like peeling an onion, layer by layer.


Engine removed.  It's a pretty sad looking airplane now :(Finally, late Sunday afternoon, I was able to pluck the engine free. I need a bit more time to remove some of the accessories on the back of the engine, then I’ll put it in the crate and send it on its way to Kamloops.