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I got the engine in the crate Monday afternoon, and met the trucking company at the hangar to put it in the 18-wheeler on Thursday afternoon. I hope to get flying again sometime in June.

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  • Hey Kevin

    I was at a dinner party last night here in Doha hosted by a high school friend and her husband. There were a dozen or so American ex-pats, one of whom is an FAA maintenance inspector. We talked about your tappet problem and he said there is a company that has an STC to modify the camshaft to address this issue. Something about modifying the ends and drilling a hole in each lobe. He was a bit of a social butterfly so I didn't get a chance to grill him on it before he moved on. Not sure if that info is of any use....

    from Doha, Qatar
  • Mark - He was probably talking about the mod developed by Firewall Forward. I was aware of that mod, but decided to go with the roller lifter mod instead, as it seems to have more service experience, and is more likely to solve the problem.