Well, quiet retirement life didn't last long. I had planned to take a few months off, then start looking for part time work as a contract test pilot. I hadn't actively solicited any projects, as I wanted a clean break with my work at Transport Canada, with no possible hint of a conflict of interest. But, I hadn't kept my plans a secret, and word percolated through the industry.

Thursday was my last day at TC. Friday morning the phone rang, with an offer of a flight test job on an interesting project that would last a few months. I spent much of Friday afternoon on a teleconference learning about the project, and discussing how I could help them. Monday we reached agreement on the terms of the contract, and I had a signed contract in my hands on Tuesday. I'm leaving on Sunday for the first block of work. I won't share any details yet, as it isn't clear how much info the company has made public about this project.