I took yesterday off from anything related to RVs, as I had spent the previous eight days at the airport. Today was another sunny day, so I went flying again - another 2.5 hours in the vicinity of the airfield.

Before the second flight, I pulled the cowlings to inspect for leaks or anything else amiss. I found one small oil leak in the vicinity of the prop governor, but it isn’t clear where it is coming from. This looks exactly like the mysterious leak I chased for the last several years. Oh well. I also found a loose connection at the fuel pump vent line. I pulled the oil filter, cut it open and inspected it. It looked completely normal, with the expected very small number of tiny metal pieces, typical after an overhaul.

All left turns, like NASCAR :)The flight itself went well, but it was pretty boring staying within gliding range of the airport. I’ll go a bit further afield now, but won’t stop at another airport until I get at least 10 hours on the engine.