It’s been a busy time since my last update.

Shortly after getting back from Oshkosh, I flew the RV–8 to Yarmouth, NS to visit my parents and sister for a week. It was a great trip in all respects.

While in Yarmouth, I took my niece and nephews up for flights.

Happy Passengers


The hills in western Maine were as attractive as ever.

Looking north, near Andover, Maine


I headed back to Vancouver Island on Labour Day, for two weeks of Twin Otter flight testing with Viking Aircraft. We got everything done on schedule, so I flew back home on Friday.

Flying over Vancouver Island was particularly scenic on this trip, as one of the flights took as across the middle of the island, as we needed the very smooth air over the Pacific Ocean, west of the island, for our testing.

Looking south, right in the middle of Vancouver Island


No place to land - very happy to be in a multi-engine aircraft


Tantalizing mountain top lakes

Saturday I spent a few hours at the hangar taking care of a few maintenance items.