One viewer noted that the font size was too small. So, I did some research and learned that I could have specified the font sizes in a way that made them better respect the default size that viewers have in their web browser. So, I made a few experimental changes to a new theme that I would like you to have a look at, if you don't mind. The new theme should set most text to whatever size you have set as the default in your browser.

Go to the "Theme Changer", near the top right. Select the "Simple_Orange_larger_font" item, and click the Go button. If you are a logged in user, there will be a "Use Permanently" line - if you click this you will get this theme ever time you log in.

Please vote in the new poll I created (just a bit lower on the right side) to let me know if this modified theme is better. Leave a comment in the poll to tell me whether the font size in the Simple Orange Larger Font theme is too small, too large, or just right? Also, I would like to know which browser and version you are using, if you don't mind.

If this new theme is better, and if it works on most browser versions, I will probably make it the default for the site. I eventually also want to create a theme based on the Golden Hawk paint scheme that I intend to use.