This weekend, I worked on installing the instrument panel. The instrument panel itself is in three pieces - a big one in the centre, and a small sub-panel on each side. The main instrument panel piece is removable, but the sub-panels will eventually be riveted in place. Of course I can't do that until I sort out exactly where everything is going to be mounted on the sub-panels, and make the required holes.

The edges of the skin above the instrument panel look weird in this photo because I peeled the plastic coating back so I could smooth the edges of the glareshield cutout. I'll peel the rest of the plastic off once I take the skin off for deburring and dimpling.

It was real fun drilling some of the holes in the forward upper skin, as some had to be back drilled from the inside. I ended up with my head and torso crammed up inside the forward fuselage - fortunately Terry didn't come by with the camera.