I was on the road for two days this week, but I managed to find time to bond in aluminum strips to support the nut plates that will attach the wing tips to the wing. And today I did the physical installation of the wing tip antennae. The electrical installation will happen after the wings are permanently attached and I run the coax from the fuselage.

Tomorrow I think I will put some filler at the wingtip leading edge, as they don't perfectly match the wing leading edge. I won't install the nut plates until the fibreglas work is done, as they nut plate screw holes are two small to take a cleco. That means that once I install the nut plates I will have to use the screws to attach the wing tips every time I put them on to check the fit. It is much quicker to use clecoes, so I'll delay the nut plate installation until I have a perfect fit.