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The fuel tanks are the last big part of the wing that I have to build.

I've spent the last two weeks preparing the Z brackets that hold the fuel tanks to the spar, deburring and fluting the ribs for the right tank, and doing a whole bunch of other prep work. I never knew there were so many pieces in a fuel tank (each tank is assembled from over 80 parts, not counting rivets and screws).

Here you see six of the seven Z brackets that hold the tank to the main spar. Each Z bracket has three anchor nuts riveted to it, so that they can be bolted to the spar. The access covers in the lower surface of the wing provide access to the bolts.

Here you see the tank back wall and ribs clecoed to the Z brackets.

The most inboard rib (closest to the camera) has a hole to provide access to the inside of the tank for inspection purposes. The cover will also hold the fuel quantity sender and the fuel pickup.

You can also see some of the holes that I drilled in the tank ribs. The tank ribs divide the tank up into bays to keep the fuel from sloshing around in turbulence or during manoeuvring. The holes allow fuel and air to pass from bay to bay.

I am using a threaded rod with nuts and washers to hold the ribs steady while I drill and cleco the skins on.

I am going back on the road again for one or two weeks, so things will grind to a halt yet again.