Its been a busy few weeks. At least I did a bunch of good flying - several good test flights on the Canadair RJ (it really seems like a truck after the Global Express), Canadair Challenger and Global Express. And to top it all off, I got a ride in a beautiful RV-4. It doesn't have quite the performance of the other stuff I was flying, but it eats them alive in fun factor :-)

Here you see the right fuel tank with the skin strapped down and drilled and clecoed to the top side of the ribs.

You can see the hole where the fuel filler cap will go, to the right of the rightmost strap.

Things have really slowed down due to all the normal Christmas stuff. It is amazing how much time it takes for buy all the presents, do Christmas cards, go to Christmas parties, etc. I'll be lucky to finish drilling the right tank and get the skin trimmed before we head away for Christmas.