I finally riveted the rear baffle in the right tank today. Hooray!!

Here you see the right tank sitting in the cradle that holds it while riveting. The pieces of wood are used to clamp the skin tightly against the flange on the rear baffle while the Proseal cures. The Saran Wrap keeps the Proseal from bonding to the wood (I hope). The bracket at the bottom right side of the picture will attach the leading edge of inboard rib to the fuselage.

I realized after finishing the riveting that I hadn't filled a tooling hole in the rib on the outboard end. :-( I'll have to pop rivet a plate over that hole and cover the works with Proseal.

I've also got to put some Proseal over the rivet heads - I ran out of time to do that yesterday before the Proseal started to cure. At least I don't have to wait to do that - I can press on with the rest of the right wing.

The left tank needs to have the end ribs put in, and then it too can be closed up.