When I started fitting the flap, I ran into a gotcha that has been reported by many other RV-8 builders. On earlier models, you can adjust where the flap brace mounts on the rear spar to get the flap in the correct vertical position. On the RV-8, you can't make that adjustment because the flap brace and rear spar come predrilled. The flap brace is a bit too big as delivered, so it tends to push the flap too low with respect to the rest of the airfoil. I had to trim about 0.050 inches off the trailing edge of the flap brace to make things work out right. That didn't' leave quite enough room for the flap hinge, so I had to chamfer the forward edge of the flap hinge so it wouldn't hit the bend in the flap brace.

Here you see the drilling jig I made to help drill the holes where the flap hinge mounts on the aft edge of the lower wing skin. I wasn't brave enough to drill the holes freehand.