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Here I am riveting the horizontal stabilizer skin to the skeleton.

I have the rivet gun in my right hand, and my left hand is inside holding holding the bucking bar.

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  • When did you do the MD-RA pre-cover inspection on the tail? I am assuming they would want to see inside the stabilizers and control surfaces.

  • You need to talk to your inspector to find out exactly what
    he wants. I left several rivets at the corners of the HS and
    VS skins on one side unriveted. Then the corners could be
    peeled back to allow the inside to be inspected with an
    inspection mirror and a light.

    For the control surfaces, if I recall correctly, I had the
    inspection done before riveting the skins to the spar, so
    the rivets attaching the stiffeners to the skins were still
    visible. The rivets that attach the skins to the spar are
    visible once the control surfaces are completed, so they
    can be inspected during the aircraft final inspection

    Kevin Horton

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