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The current set of Electrical System Drawings are now available. They are definitely a work-in-progress, so they certainly contain errors, and they are not yet complete. I will upload changes periodically.

The diagrams at the above link are optimized for viewing online. Read on for links to these diagrams in pdf format suitable for printing.

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  • Some visitors had problems downloading the pdf files. It seems that my choice of file names caused some browsers to choke. Hopefully the renamed files will keep all browsers happy.


  • Kevin, I see you installed a heated pitot. Can you tell me the type and where you located it?

    Don Owens

  • Don,

    I installed an AN5812 pitot tube, using the mounting kit that Warren Gretz sells. See [url=http://kilohotel.com/joomla3/wings/192-20021026180308727]this page[/url] for more info and pictures.

    Kevin Horton

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