Terry ended up leaving today for several days of training, so I'm going to try to hit the project hard while she is gone. I tried to get the two avionics racks up behind the instrument panel as a unit tonight, but there was not enough clearance to slip them in place from the bottom. I had them carefully clamped together in perfect alignment, so I didn't want to separate them. I finally resigned myself to unclecoing the upper forward skin so I could go in from the top.

It turns out that the wiring bundle I was worried about isn't a problem, but the feeder to the main bus has to be rerouted. The good news is I think there is enough slack in that feeder that I can move it out of the way without having to make a longer one.

Next I pulled the whole instrument panel out, including the left and right subpanels, carefully clamped the rack in place, and marked where the screw holes go on the left side. I was able to slip the GNS-430 into the rack, and it looks like the big hole in the panel will work out great once I remove just a bit more material on the bottom. That's tomorrows's job.