Tonight I cleaned up the last bit around the big hole in the instrument panel, then spent a while trying to figure out why it was so difficult to get the GNS-430 to slip back all the way info the rack. You have to slip the two avionics boxes almost all the way into position, then stick an Allen wrench into a small hole in the front of the box and turn a Rube Goldberg type device that pulls the box back to force it to engage al the connects at the back. The GTX-327 transponder slips into place nicely, but I had a hard time getting the GNS-430 to follow suit. I never figured out exactly what is going on, but I eventually managed to get the proper sequence of jiggling, lifting, twisting and pushing to make it happen repeatably.

Once I was certain that I could actually get the boxes to slip into the rack with the right side clamped in position on the instrument panel, I drilled the holes that fix the location of the right side angle to the panel.

I think I'll be tied up most of the time until Sunday now, but my next task is to fit the intercom to the panel. Then I'll look at moving the errant feeder line that supplies power to the main bus.