My avionics wiring harness finally arrived back from Stark Avionics mid-week. It was really cold here for most of the week, so I didn't want to try to heat up the garage. Instead, I took care of a few other odds and ends, and made a first pass through my 2003 taxes. It looks I owe money, so I won't rush finishing things off. That cheque will go in at the very last moment :)

I spent quite a while with an ohmmeter and wiring diagrams checking out the changes to the wiring harness. I had a fright for a few minutes when it looked like there still might be a problem, but I eventually it was simply a misinterpretation of the wiring diagrams on my part.

It warmed up this weekend, so I worked at integrating the avionics harness into the rest of the wiring. Sunday I hooked a 12v power supply up where the battery would be, and powered up the busses. I had a 50 ft roll of coax that I had crimped a connect on each end (stupid move, as it means I need a big hole to string the coax through, unless I cut one of those connectors off), so I connected the GPS antenna to the GPS. I turned the GPS on, and lo and behold it actually started finding satellites. Not many satellites, though, as the signals were coming through the roof, the insulation and the ceiling in the garage, and a 50 ft piece of coax. But it found enough satellites to figure out it was near Ottawa.

I also mounted the altitude encoder, and plugged it into the transponder. It seemed to take forever for it to warm up and start putting out altitude data, but it finally came to life. And I also got the power and ground wires run for the Microair 760 com, the little round guy in the picture.