This has been a slow week as far as progress goes. Lots of flailing around, but a depressing small amount of actual progress.

First, I ended up spending a bunch of time helping Terry reorganize the office. It needed doing, but it ate an evening. Then, I spent a huge amount of time drilling holes in bulkheads, and running the wires for the pitch trim system. I also started gathering up wires into bundles, and drilling bolt holes to take Adel clamps to secure the bundles.

Then I spent way too long agonizing over where to put the GPS antenna. I had planned to put it on the glareshield, just above the instrument panel. But I realized that there wasn't going to be much room to run the coax cable up between the instruments to get to the bottom of the antenna. It would have worked if I hadn't had to jam all the instruments to closely together. I finally decided that I needed to give up on the glareshield and put the antenna back behind the rear seat. It'll still be underneath the canopy, so there won't be any drag. Today I drilled the holes where the coax will go from the GNS-430 to the antenna. And I spent a bunch of time drawing up notes to help when I rewire one of the audio panel connectors so I can extend the rear seat head set jack wires.