It's been a busy week, but unfortunately not enough of the busyness was spent in the garage.

I spent a lot of time running the strobe light and position light wiring, and working on the wire bundles under the baggage compartment and cockpit floors. I held off on creating the wire bundles until the vast majority of the wires were in place.

I had a depressing realization a few days ago - I had spent hours running the strobe light and position light wiring in the rear fuselage, and I just realized that I need to run the pitch trim wire in the same bundle. So I get to spend another few hours cutting the wire tires, running the pitch trim wire and making up the wire bundle again. And the bruises had almost disappeared from my arms where I beat the heck out of them against the bulkheads worming my way into the aft fuselage.

I'm getting ready to head to Wichita on Friday to do some King Air simulator training this weekend, and then a bunch of Global 5000 flight testing. So, I won't make a lot more progress before Christmas. :(