Enclosed wing tip lights

Last weekend I started modifying the wing tips to add a plastic covered recess to hide the nav and strobe lights from the breeze. The picture shows where I removed a section of the wing tip so I could insert a ready-made piece of fibreglas to take a clear plastic cover.

I got the fibreglas inserts clecoed in place on both tips, and I started trimming the plastic covers, but I decided to get the covers replaced, as the inside surface of both of them had numerous, noticeable blemishes. It looked like there had been a large quantity of grit on the mold that the covers were formed over - the blemishes were very noticeable in the sunlight. The vendor offered to replace the lens, so I am waiting for the new ones to arrive before pressing on.

Here you see the clear plastic cover that goes on the recess. I'll attack the wing tips again after I get the new plastic covers from the vendor.