Saturday afternoon I finished the aileron trim installation, except I didn't hook up the springs to the controls. I'm going to leave it disconnected until after first flight, as it will be easier to sort out the lateral rigging if the trim isn't masking any rolling tendency.

We are having a bit of a cold snap, and it took a long time for the garage to get warmed up yesterday. So today I decided to work in the basement, where the wings are stored. I attacked the left wing tip - it took quite a bit of trimming to get it to fit, and a lot of measuring to get the holes evenly spaced. It fits fairly well, except that the trailing edge of the wing tip sits about 3/16" higher than the aileron, and the wing tip extends aft a bit further than the aileron. I'm not going to mess with it now, as I want to wait until the wings are mounted and I have confirmed the aileron rigging is perfect. Then I'll split the wing tip trailing edge open and make it fit properly. I've got to fit all the platenuts to allow the wing tip to be removable, and I have to install the wing tip antennae.