We got back late yesterday from a week in Nova Scotia visiting my folks. It was great to spend some time with them. Today was spent doing a long list of chores. Tomorrow I should attack the project again.

I hope to update the software that runs the web site sometime in the next week. If all goes well, the site will be off line for a couple of hours. If things go poorly, it may be off line for quite a while. I've got the upgraded software running fine on my laptop, except for the forum. The forum will probably be off line for a long period, while I wait for an upgrade that is compatible with the latest Geeklog software. The new software has an anti-spam plug-in, so I'll re-enable comments from anonymous posters once the upgrade is complete. The site look will change, as the theme I'm using hasn't been updated to work with the new software. I'm moving back to one of the default themes, as that means less work on future upgrades.