I finally registered a domain name - kilohotel.com. This site can now be found at http://www.kilohotel.com/rv8/.

Rogers, our ISP, is getting into bed with Yahoo, and that means I will need to change the URL for my boring main page. So, it seemed like the right time to buy a domain name, so any future screwing around by an ISP won't force me to change the URL to my web site, or change my e-mail addresses. And if I ever get fed up with the host for this web site, I can move without changing URLs.

I'm not the type to conjure up some flashing, smart domain name, so I simply stole a concept from RV-8 builder Randy Lervold, who has the romeolima.com domain. My initials are KH, which is Kilo Hotel in the phonetic alphabet used in aviation, so kilohotel it is. I used Active-Domain.com to register the domain name. It was quick and easy, and I have no complaints so far.

The existing URL will continue to work as long as I host the site with phpwebhosting.com. I am quite happy with their service, so I have no plans to move.