I didn't get that much done last week. I did some sanding and filling on the windscreen fairing, and that was it for actual progress. I did spend several hours looking for a single vendor that carried a list of miscellaneous hardware that I wanted to order. The only vendors that seemed to carry everything had minimum order sizes of 100 items of each part number. I eventually gave up and just ordered the stuff I need to keep moving, as Van's carried all those items.

I spent the rest of my spare time taking care of some non-RV stuff, and spending time with Terry, as I was getting ready to go on the road for two weeks. I flew down to Brazil over night last night, and am writing this from my hotel room. I'm pretty tired, so hopefully this isn't too incoherent.

I'm down here to do Embraer ERJ-190 flight testing. We'll spend most of the time at Embraer's main facility at Sao Jose dos Campos, but we will go to their Gaviao Peixoto flight test facility for several days. I'm looking forward to visiting Gaviao Peixoto, as it was built expressly for flight testing, with a runway 16,295 ft long. It is well away from populated areas, and in an area with very little air traffic, which will really help. Their main facility is right on a busy airway between Sao Paulo and Rio, which makes it hard to get big blocks of airspace for flight testing.