This week I was out of town a bit, and spent some time doing more "get the yard ready for winter" stuff.

There is a fairing that covers the gap between the inboard end of the wing and the fuselage. This week I drilled the holes and riveted most of the nut plates on the inboard ends of the fuel tanks and wing where that fairing. I ran out of nut plates before the end, as I guess I didn't order enough to replace all the ones I used to make the cockpit floors removable.

A local RV-3 builder had told me that he had quite a bit of difficulty getting the wires on his fuel gauge sender floats bent so the fuel gauge read empty when the float was at the bottom of the tank, and full when the float was at the top of the tank. I hadn't checked mine out, so today I installed the fuel gauges, and fished out the wires that go to the fuel gauge senders. I hooked everything up with jumper clips, and moved the tanks around to make the floats go to either the top or bottom. I must have gotten lucky, as the only problem was a bunch of wasted time sorting out which fuse I needed to insert to power up the fuel gauges. Once I got the gauges working, they read zero when the float is on the bottom, and full when the float is on the top.

This afternoon I mixed up some Proseal and sealed the fuel gauge senders and fuel tank access covers in place. I'll let the stuff cure for a couple of weeks then do the leak test.

I'm going to be out of town on a course all week, so no more progress until the weekend :(