I spent the week in Seattle, in a Synthetic Vision workshop sponsored by the FAA. Synthetic Vision is a new technology that is just starting to show up in avionics for type-certificated aircraft, and the workshop was an attempt to start getting all the manufacturers and certification authorities on the same page about certification requirements.

Thursday evening I managed to meet up with RV-8A builder Terry Watson. Terry is building a very nice RV-8A, but like me his completion percentage vs time curve looks to be asymptotic. After visiting Terry's project, we went to Paine Field to meet up with Mike Robbins - Mike has a very nice RV-8. And we visited the project of RV-8A builder Marc Drake.

Marc also works on another very interesting aircraft, the R-4360 powered Sea Fury Furias. They are in the midst of adding a second seat, and plan to have the aircraft back together in time for the Reno air races. The Sea Fury looks absolutely huge compared to the RVs, but it has had 28 cylinders and 4,000 hp, so it gets out of its own way without too much trouble.

Yesterday I did some more wiring bundle clean up. A package of misc hardware arrived from Van's while I was in Seattle. So today I attacked some of the little odds and ends that were waiting for parts. The biggest item completed was I put some Proseal inside the fuel tank to hopefully seat the leak I had. Then I Prosealed the access cover back on. I'll give it a week or two to cure, then try a leak check again.