My body is revolting. My right elbow has been bothering me for several months - sort of a tennis elbow thing, except I don't play tennis. I assumed that it would sort itself out like 99.9% of the other normal aches and pains we get. But it never got better, and was slowly getting worse. I finally talked to my doctor, and he recommended physio-therapy. The physio is making quite a difference, but I need to back off on what I am doing on the project, to be sure not to aggravate the problem. Arrgh!

So, nothing that puts too much strain on the elbow, or lower right arm. No repetitive motions. No cleco pliers. No safety wire pliers. No tin snips. No sanding. Etc. Fortunately, there are many other things I can work on. I've done a bit more work on the paint scheme, and put some more cockpit control labels in. I've done some prep work on the engine cooling plenum chamber top.

Hopefully this will sort itself out soon, as I'm anxious to up the rate of progress.