I was on the road for a couple of days this week, but I did make good progress on the plenum chamber cover. I had thought I would need to make it in many pieces, but ended up getting away with three large pieces, plus two long transition pieces that go at the joints.

Today I finished the trimming and most of the drilling of the cover, except at the very front. I need to sort out how far forward the metal will extend before I trim and drill the front. I've got to decide on the screw spacing before I drill a few more holes along some of the long straight edges. Next I'll order a bunch of nutplates, and prime and rivet the pieces together.


Next, I've got to fabricate short fibreglas transition pieces that will attach to the cowl inlets. These transition pieces will be attached to the plenum with a piece of rubber, to allow for the relative motion between the engine and cowling.