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It's been a crazy week, and I needed to do some yard work to get ready for fall. As a result I only got a bit of time on the project. I did get the alternator bracket torqued and safety wired. I can't believe how long that took - it is in a pretty crowded area (I could have removed the induction air snorkel), so it took me three attempts to get it done properly.

I also finished the riveting on the forward baffle wall, but even that was a struggle. I had that thing together several times, only to see a problem that needed fixing, which meant disassembling it again. One of those five steps forward, four steps back kind of things, but at least it was positive progress.

Today I had a go at making a metal piece that was intended to make a stepped flange that the eventual fibreglas transition piece will be attached to. But, I put the cowling on, with the metal piece clecoed in place, and it is obvious that this plan isn't acceptable. I would need some very sharp angles to transition from the metal flange on the cowling to the fibreglas transition piece, and that would be too draggy. I need to do some head scratching to come up with a better plan.

I've got tomorrow off. I had planned to make the fibreglas transition pieces for the plenum. But, now that I've run into a glitch with Plan A, I'll do some of the other items on the list instead.

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