I started installing the inverted oil system. I have the main components of the system, but I don't have the hoses or associated hardware yet. I could have bought the official hose kit from Christen, but I couldn't stomach the $900+ price for it. Sure enough, now that I have the other hardware, and installation manual, I managed to find a list of stuff included in the hose kit. You can buy the exact same set of hoses and fittings for about $325 from Wicks or Aircraft Spruce.

In the picture, you can see the while oil separator (large cylinder bolted to the engine mount), and the oil valve (white lump bolted to the firewall).

I've got one issue I need to deal with. I had discussed my plan to install an inverted oil system with the overhaul shop, but somehow that detail didn't make it into the quote for the overhaul, and the work didn't get done. That is as much my fault as the overhaul shop's, as I should have picked it up when I reviewed the quote. Anyway, when the inverted oil kit finally showed up (it was back ordered for over two months), and I studied the installation manual, I found that my engine model does need a sump mod. I'm going to have to remove the sump and get a boss welded on to take a hose that provides oil to the inverted oil system.