The last few weeks have been a blur. I was in Wichita for three weeks doing some flight testing, but that got all fouled up in the aftermath of the monstrous terrorist attacks. We eventually gave up on doing any more flying, but it wasn't easy to get home either.

I bought a lot of stuff to bolt on the engine in the last few weeks - electronic ignition, main alternator, B&C SD-8 standby alternator, mixture cable bracket, inverted oil system, etc. But, every time I started to install one of them I discovered I needed some small bolt, seal, screw, etc. So, I moved on to the cooling air baffle installation. I bought the baffle kit that Van sells, and I am glad I did. The baffle kit for the IO-360 fits very well, with only a tiny bit of trimming required on some parts. I can't finish the most forward section until I fit the cowling, as I need to make sure the baffle and cowling mesh well together. I can't fit the cowling until I buy a propellor.