Many, many months ago I started working on some fibreglas pieces to transition from the cowling air inlets to the plenum chamber mounted on the engine. The fibreglas pieces will connect to some rubber, which will connect to the plenum chamber. Hopefully this will provide a relatively air-tight connection, while allowing for relative movement between the cowling and plenum. At the moment, I consider this concept a big experiment. I've had to modify the original idea a bit, but I haven't run into anything that suggests the concept won't work. I'll post full details and photos once I have finished the fabrication, and confirmed the concept works.

Another parts order arrived, so I was able to finish several other small To Do items. I found a few more items to add to the list, so the net progress this week was about two items, with the list now sitting at 23 items.

I put the front seat back in temporarily, as I need to sit in the cockpit to evaluate several possible mounting locations for the Dynon HS34 expansion module. Once I decide where to mount it, I may fabricate the wiring harnesses to facilitate a planned later purchase of an expansion module and a second D-10A EFIS. The second EFIS would go directly below the current EFIS, and would normally be used as an EHSI, replacing the CDI that is currently in that location. The HS34 is needed to allow the EFIS to display deviations from the Garmin GNS 430.