This weekend was reunion weekend at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. This year was my 25 year reunion, so Friday afternoon I drove down to Kingston. I watched the first year class do the obstacle course, then went to a class meet and greet. We had a very good turn out, with about 70 of the 155 remaining classmates attending (four are no longer living, which is a surprising small number in 25 years). There were several more who wanted to come, but were serving in Afghanistan.

It was great to get caught up with many people that I hadn't talked to in 25 years. The vast majority looked almost identical to 25 years ago, except for a bit of grey hair. But there were two who completed threw me, and I had no idea who they were until they said their names.

I came back home late on Saturday. All in all, it was a great reunion. But depressing how quickly 25 years have flashed by.